Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Three Threats to Security

Dear Friends:

A good electronic friend posed this question (hat-tip, Royd!!!!). Many of the responses obtained were one-word wonders. However, I gave this matter some thought. (Note - Picture is of Egyptian God of War Montu)

The question was: What are the three biggest threats to peace and security.

I told him that I think this is more a phsycology question rather than one related to current events. The answers will tell you something about the person responding.

I think that the following are the most serious threats to international peace and security, as far was we Americans (and perhaps the Brits/Australians) are concerned.

1) Suppression of quality capitalism. People who are not hungry, have a decent job, and a safe family are not inclined to rattle cages or trigger nuclear detonation. Healthy economies and effective trade promote peace and good relations. I believe much of the aggression in the world is related to one neighboring country being jealous of the quality life of successful societies in which capitalism is promoted (or the leaders of the dysfunctional societies distracting their unhappy people by redirecting their anger).

2) The unprofessional, unrestrained and unapologetic liberal media. Here is fabulous example of what I mean by that:


Now of course Byron Calame of the NY Times made his famous excuse this week, “I hated Bush so much I couldn’t do my job…” and I’m quite sure Calame, having pounded his chest, is figuring the story of his paper’s harmful leaking of a worthwhile and legal program used to combat terrorism is “over.” Not so fast, Mr. Calame. Giving away security secrets.

Crying "racism" whenever valid border security issues are brought up by congressional leaders. Minimizing true threats (e.g., North Korea's armaments) when they are the result of poor policies of liberal leaders. Suppressing information as to the real state of the economy and the war in Iraq when it can help Conservative/Republican leaders:



It’s always driven me crazy that in the 1990’s we were told that 5.6% unemployment was “virtually full employment,” (of course it was, a Democrat was in the WH!) but the current 4.6% unemployment rate never gets reported, and even if it does, there is always a “but.” The headline reads: Job Growth Slows, Unemployment Rate Dips. Hmmmm…maybe “full employment” is actually near, this time? It’s at a 5 year low…: The economy created 51,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said in Washington. While that was fewer than economists predicted, it was offset by a 188,000 rise in August that was almost 50 percent bigger than the government previously reported. The jobless rate unexpectedly declined to 4.6 percent. Bonds fell and the dollar jumped as the reports suggested the economy will withstand the worst housing-industry downturn in more than a decade. The numbers also diminished speculation that the Federal Reserve will reduce interest rates in coming months.

Also this:



Many of us who live in New York have not forgotten that on 9/12/01 the only consulate not flying their flag at half-staff was Iraq’s. The “mediating intelligences” decided long ago that 45,000 boxes of documents from Iraq were uninteresting and they simply don’t cover what is being discovered within those boxes.

But Ed Morrissey has been keeping track of things and ohhh…lookey here…March 2001: Iraq wants to attack American assets…: …a close look at document CMPC-2003-006758, translating it from the Arabic and revealing the intent of Iraq to attack American interests. The memo from the IIS complains about the election of “Bush the Son” and talks about the need to exhort terrorists to attack America… Read it, folks.

You’re not going to see it covered in the Mainstream Media.

3) The United Nations. Egghead intellectuals have become dependent on the UN to magically address the enormous security threats created when certain populations are unwilling or unable to get rid of nut-job leaders. Meanwhile, as very angry letters are written and wrist-slaps distributed, some seriously dangerous men are allowed to destabilize my country and arm theirs to the teeth (of course, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela come to mine). I long for the days when treaties could be made with specific countries, and every time there was an international issue that threatened American security, that we could take action (alone or with true allies). Waiting for "Coalitions" means we lose time, flexibility, and other valuable security perks while waiting for wine-sipping, egotistical diplomats (which I view as a species less worthy than politicians) decide where they will place their child-raping thieves.

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