Tuesday, October 10, 2006



Dear Friends:

I am a scientist by day. At night, however, I dabble in art, history and the arcane arts (tarot reading and astrology). That way, I keep myself in balance.

I am a successful scientist (mostly). Art, however, is a humbling experience. I play flute and recorders well enough to do Christmas carols and play olde English music. However, I am amazed at the musical abilities of many in my local American Recorder Society chapter.

I used to draw. I will never be a master artist, but drawing relaxes me. To draw (or paint) well is a skill that amazes me. Therefore, when I realized my son was of an age to begin drawing and painting, I wanted to relearn some basics so I could teach him more than what I was taught when young. I went on a quest for a good source of information for a beginner.

Based on a recommendation of some electronic friends, I ordered this book. It is one of the few, truly wonderful, life-changing books I have ever read. I have only finished the first few chapters, but I have learned some astonishing things on how the brain functions to process data and very practical ways to apply this information when teaching my son.

I am very excited. The book notes that handwriting is a form of drawing, at which many analytical left-brainers (ME) are not skilled. My writing is worst than ancient Egyptian hieratic (which looks rather like stenography done by a drunk secretary). Since completing some basic exercises that trigger the right side of your brain to overcome left-brain domination, my handwriting has really improved to near legibility. And I do see marked improvement in my ability to render objects. And the best thing is that I have been able to direct my son to tap into his right-brain, too. He is beginning to enjoy and be good at handwriting and drawing.

This just shows you are never too old to learn something terrific. Here is a link for other interested people:


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